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What Real Estate Pros Look for When Buying their Own Home

Buying a home can be a daunting task.  There are so many factors to consider when making one of the largest investments of your life.  Here are some of the things agents and other real estate pros look for when buying their own homes. How easily will I be able to sell this in future?…

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DIY Projects that Will Help You Sell For More

We get asked by clients all the time what kind of DIY projects will help sell their home.  Here are just a few projects that anyone with time, a little bit of extra funds and access to youtube can handle that will greatly increase your chances of selling with a nice return on your investment.…

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Home Buying Tips in a Seller's Market

  If you are a home buyer in Texas, it comes as no surprise, we are in a seller’s market.  Purchasing a home in a seller’s market can be very taxing on a home buyer, especially in the more competitive price points.  Rather than getting frustrated, focus on these simple strategies to give you a…

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Best Real Estate Apps for Homebuyers & Homeowners

homeowner apps

In a world of technology and endless resources at our fingertips, it can be challenging to filter through all of the static. Here are some of the best go-to apps for homebuyers and homeowners. AroundMe This is a fantastic app for finding places around you like bars, gas stations, shopping, theatres, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.…

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5 Tips for Passing a Home Inspection

house inspection

Congratulations, you just accepted a buyer’s offer to purchase your home. But you can’t breathe easy just yet, since it’s almost a certainty that the buyer will have a professional home inspector complete a thorough inspection of the home. Many a deal has died at the hands of the dreaded 20 page inspection report. This…

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Helpful Tips to Improve Your Credit

improve my credit

A lot of our clients don’t know or understand just how important their credit score is to the home buying process. Some buyers are right on the cusp of having a qualifying credit score, where others have surpassed the minimum requirements but have not reached the tier that will offer prime interest rates (which lowers…

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5 Reasons Why Some Homes Don't Sell

There are many reasons why a home doesn’t sell or sits on the market longer than average, compared to other homes in the neighborhood. Some of these factors are preventable, so as a seller you definitely want to understand the landscape. Here are the most common reasons home sellers struggle along with tips on how…

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Tips for a Successful Home Appraisal

home appraisal

Accepting a contract on your home sale is definitely an exciting event. But remember, if the buyer is financing the home purchase with a mortgage, you will have to “sell your home” twice to make it through the transaction… once to the buyer and then again to the appraiser. Every home sale involving a traditional…

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Pricing: It’s All About the Comps

The most common mistake we see with home sellers is not pricing their homes correctly. This mistake can cause one of two catastrophic outcomes: 1) Pricing your home too low and leaving money on the table OR  2) Pricing your home too high and watching it sit on the market with no real interest. Properly…

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Most Common Flip Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

home flipping mistakes

Real estate investors get into the competitive world of house flipping to make money, I think we are all in agreement with that. But things don’t always go as planned. Mistakes will happen, and they will cost you money. There are countless books and resources about all things real estate investing that will help you…

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