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ListingSpark real estate agents get more qualified leads and have access to the best technology available.

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Get More Leads

ListingSpark’s business model creates a listings engine that generates a high number of leads. These leads aren’t your run-of-the-mill leads, either. They are pre-scrubbed, qualified leads directly from interested buyers who inquire about our listings. We send those leads to our agents, providing them with a steady stream of potential clients.

More Leads

Leverage the Best Technology

We provide modern, next-generation technology to enable our agents to be more efficient and productive anywhere they work. The ListingSpark all-in-one CRM platform allows agents to completely automate their business, drive engagement and stay ahead of the competition. From built-in follow-up campaigns to integrated social media marketing, our agents have real power at their fingertips.

Keep More Money

ListingSpark offers our real estate agents a generous split, as good or better than most larger real estate firms - with an important caveat: our agents bring in their own business while also receiving leads from our listings engine. At ListingSpark, we want our agents to succeed, earn more money and keep that money in their own pockets.

More Saving

Gain More Support

At ListingSpark, we offer our real estate agents the support they need to achieve their goals. We stand alongside every agent and provide the mentoring, coaching and training they may require no matter where they are in their career. We also provide agents with their own agent webpage so they can present themselves in the most professional, yet personal manner. With ListingSpark, agents are family.

What Kind of Agent Are You?

  • Are you a top producer month after month at your firm and wanting more?
    ListingSpark has cultivated a system to help agents with a strong book of business extend their reach for their own network as well as adding a steady stream of new business with ListingSpark leads, increasing their production level year over year.
  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
    Many agents have been in the business a while and have yet to form a consistent pipeline of business. ListingSpark provides the tools and support to increase business from their network while handing them quality leads that have never been available to them before.
  • Do you love working with a team and want no limits to your success?
    ListingSpark is the perfect environment for an agent who has thrived in a structured team-like environment. The difference with ListingSpark is that we shatter the status quo and enable agents to earn more for the deals they close.
  • Are you just getting started and want to build your business quickly?
    Unlike most firms, ListingSpark provides agents with one-on-one mentoring and a steady flow of qualified leads. Our agents have lower failure rates and a faster road to success with the tools and support they receive from us.

Whether you’ve been at this real estate gig for decades or are just getting started, ListingSpark is designed to empower any real estate agent to grow their business and reach their goals.

Meet our Agents

“I’ve worked for several real estate firms and feel like I’ve finally found where I can plant my feet. I have more ongoing support so I can grow my business faster.

At other firms, I was completely on my own. Now, I feel like I am part of a team.”


Pier Physco

“Finding leads can be feast or famine. With ListingSpark, I not only bring in my own leads but am assured to receive solid leads on a regular basis. Many of those leads have turned into closed transactions.

My book of business is growing faster than it ever has before.”


Traci Lee

My role at ListingSpark is to develop and assist with the growth of our talented real estate agents. Accountability, driving performance and acting as an escalation point for difficult issues are parts of my daily tasks. I am here to be the point of contact for all agents for all topics, including database management, increasing conversion rates, contract-to-close management, goal setting, data and analytics tracking, shadowing and more.”


Chris Daniels

Common Questions

How do we fit in to the equation when listings have a per day pricing model?

Agents do not handle any of the listings that choose the daily rate option. They benefit from all of the lead opportunities that come from listings. Agents also have the ability to hold open houses at any of our listings to generate additional leads.

What types of leads will we be getting?

Many of the leads are buyers inquiring about our listings who are motivated to get into a home quickly and do not yet have an agent representing them. We continually funnel those leads to our agents.

There are also listing lead opportunities as well. When sellers do not desire our technology-driven, self-directed model but prefer a more traditional listing with a dedicated agent, our ISA’s (Inside Sales Agents) funnel those leads to our agents.

What are your fees?

Zero! Many brokerages claim to have a competitive split but after desk, transaction, E&O fees, they are spending thousands a year off of junk fees to their broker.

How do you qualify your leads?

We have a team of ISA’s (Inside Sales Agents) who handle all of the inbound leads that come from sign calls, online leads or opportunities for our sellers who want to buy. They cover phone and email inquiries 7 days a week all day so they jump on leads and do all of the qualifying for you. All you have to do is close the deal.

What kind of training do you offer?

ListingSpark’s library of training material is accessible to all of our agents. We also provide weekly training sessions and most importantly, one-on-one, individual training and coaching sessions specific to your needs. ListingSpark is invested in every agent’s success.