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Common Questions

What is ListingSpark?

ListingSpark is a real estate technology company whose goal is to provide clients with a great home buying or selling experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional real estate brokerages.

Is ListingSpark a licensed brokerage?

Most definitely. ListingSpark is a licensed real estate brokerage firm in Texas and Florida and is expanding.

Does ListingSpark have licensed real estate agents?

Yes, some of the best in the industry who are eager to help you get your home sold or sell it for you.


Do I really only pay dollars a day to list, market and sell my home?

You pay only $7 a day.

Will ListingSpark help me with an open house?

Of course! Depending on which pricing plan you choose, our licensed real estate agents will either:

  1. Get you ready to conduct your own open house by providing marketing materials, open house sign and sending out an email blast to local real estate agents notifying them of your open house, OR
  2. Market and manage your open house from start to finish, including being onsite during your open house and providing feedback from agents and visitors

What if I want to get more help along the way?

We’ll never leave you high and dry. Our experts are always available by phone or email to answer any questions. If you ever need additional support, you can hire one of our professional transaction coordinators for only $1,500 to serve as your dedicated agent. They can walk you through every step of negotiating an offer and closing the deal.

I’d like to sell my home the traditional way with a personal sales agent. Can ListingSpark do that?

Yes! We have experienced, licensed real estate agents ready to sell your home. If you’ve already begun by listing your home with ListingSpark and realize you prefer to sell it with an agent instead of by owner, your ListingSpark listing can be converted to a full-service listing at any point in time.

How do I cancel my listing and what do I have to pay?

Unlike most firms, you can join ListingSpark without a long-term commitment. If you decide at any point to cancel your listing before your home is under contract or in the negotiation process, all you have to do is click on the “Cancel” button found on the account page of your client dashboard. You will only be responsible for paying for that month and will not be charged for any months going forward once you have successfully cancelled your listing.

What happens if a buyer doesn’t have an agent?

In cases in which a buyer is unrepresented, ListingSpark takes a flat $350 commission at closing for facilitating the transaction.

What if I have questions about my listing or contract?

ListingSpark always has agents and experts available to answer your questions via phone or email. If you need more assistance than basic information, you can hire a professional transaction coordinator to serve as your dedicated agent to guide you through the entire offer-to-closing process, including scheduling inspections and managing repairs, negotiating offers and reviewing closing documents.

Do I have to make a payment to ListingSpark every day?

Absolutely not. ListingSpark bills clients on a 28-day cycle and will not charge your credit card daily. When your home sells, we will credit your card on file for the unused days in your billing cycle.

What if I start the process of selling my home but realize I need more help along the way?

ListingSpark is a full-service real estate brokerage firm. We are here to help at any stage of the selling process. At any time after you have listed your home with ListingSpark, you can opt to transition the listing from self-service to one of our agents for full, traditional support.

Do I have to pay the buyer’s agent a 3% commission?

The buyer’s agent’s commission is not a set rate and is your choice. Keep in mind offering less than a 3% commission to buyers’ agents may result in fewer viewings, but it may be negotiable.

Can I pay buyer’s agents more than 3% to incentivize a sale further?

Yes, many ListingSpark clients choose to use some of their savings to offer buyers’ agents a premium commission or agent bonus to further incentivize the sale of their home.

How are the contract negotiations handled?

Any potential buyers will submit their contract to ListingSpark. We will then inform you, the seller, and forward you the contract. You may then accept, reject or make a counter offer. In the event of a counter offer, the process continues until an offer is accepted or rejected.

How is my listing price determined?

If your home is priced correctly, it will sell. ListingSpark provides our clients with market data pulled from MLS, such as price per square foot and sold prices of recently sold homes in your area. Our knowledgeable agents will also offer guidance and recommendations for pricing your home based on your specific goals.

What happens if a potential buyer has questions about my home?

When a buyer calls ListingSpark to inquire about your home, we will immediately notify and forward you their questions and contact information for you to follow up.

What times will my house be shown?

ListingSpark gives you the flexibility to set your own showing times.

Do I have to pay extra for professional photography?

Not a penny. ListingSpark will send a professional photographer to your home to take photographs of your property, inside and out. These photos will be used with your MLS listing.

Can I pay to get a virtual tour of my home?



I’m interested in a home listed with ListingSpark. How do I request the seller’s disclosure, ask a question or submit an offer?

Find the home you are interested in through the “Our Properties” tab on the ListingSpark homepage. From there, you will be directed to that home’s dedicated page where you will be able to request documentation, ask the seller questions and submit an offer.

What if I’m looking to buy a home and save money with ListingSpark?

When it comes to buyers, ListingSpark works like a traditional brokerage. We will provide you with an experienced, licensed real estate agent at no cost to you.

How do I get started?

Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll make sure one of our awesome agents contacts you immediately to begin the search for the perfect house for you to call “home.”

Real Estate Questions

What is the MLS?

MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service.” The MLS is a suite of services that enables real estate brokers and agents to work together. The most well-known aspect of the MLS is the database of properties that are for sale, pending or have been sold, along with numerous details about each of those listings.

Why is the MLS important?

The vast majority of real estate agents, brokers and buyers use their area’s MLS to locate listings and details about each listing. Almost all home-search functions found on the internet use MLS information. The MLS is an invaluable tool to help you attract buyers and sell your home.

Outside Agents

How do I get answers to questions about one of your listings?

Every ListingSpark listing can be found in the MLS, under the “Properties” link at the top of our homepage, or by contacting us directly. We are happy to answer any of your questions or direct you to the MLS for greater detail.

Will I receive a commission for representing a buyer on the sale of a ListingSpark listing?

Yes. We require that our sellers agree to some level of buyer agent commission. The percentage of commission is ultimately up to the seller, so be sure to check the MLS for the amount.

Is it going to be difficult to represent a buyer on a ListingSpark listing?

Not at all. We’ve designed ListingSpark to fit the needs of everyone in the real estate transaction, including buyers’ agents.

How do I submit an offer on a ListingSpark listing?

Details for submitting offers on each property will be found in the MLS. Once you submit your offer, we will notify and forward your offer to the seller who will contact you directly.

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