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Best Real Estate Apps for Homebuyers & Homeowners

In a world of technology and endless resources at our fingertips, it can be challenging to filter through all of the static. Here are some of the best go-to apps for homebuyers and homeowners.


This is a fantastic app for finding places around you like bars, gas stations, shopping, theatres, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. with the exact distance from your current location. Click on the location and it connects with google maps to give you turn by turn directions.


This app will help you tackle important home tasks with easy-to-follow instructions, a personal schedule and helpful reminders. From basic maintenance to cleaning tricks.


Every homeowner will end up doing some kind of DIY project, whether that’s building a garden or unclogging a drain. This app has you covered, with great tutorials and easy to understand instructions.

ColorSmart by BEHR

Looking to change things up in your house? This app allows you to take a picture of the room, choose your paint, and then preview what the room would look like in the hue(s) you’ve chosen. This app is great when you are on a house hunt and need to visualize a room with different colors.


Log all of your billing information into one app as your go-to for managing bills.  It’s equipped with a calendar and alerts and allows you set payments for different bills all in one place. Never rack up late fees again.


For those of you that aren’t in the mood for a DIY project, or if home repairs are over your head, use this app to find contractors and service companies in seconds.


This is an example of technology enhancing a community and bringing a neighborhood together. NextDoor offers the best way for you and your neighbors to hear what’s happening in your local community. Their motto is “when neighbors start talking, good things happen.”


Whether you are in the home buying process or a homeowner making a to-do list for future projects, Evernote is a great way to stay organized and on task.


How many times have you measured something and by the time you found a pen to write it down, you already forgot the measurement? That won’t be a problem anymore with this app. Measure anything, from the size of a room to a piece of furniture to your cabinets, with ease.


This is the perfect app for cultivating great ideas for projects throughout your home. They have endless resources to inspire new design ideas and find professionals in the area to help you get the job done.



Great Real Estate Apps

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