Dallas TX For Sale By Owner Success Story

Brian and Ginger recently sold their home in Lewisville TX (just outside Dallas) through ListingSpark and were extremely successful.  Here is a glimpse through their journey that started as a For Sale By Owner.  

Like many other For Sale By Owner sellers around Texas, Brian and Ginger needed to sell their home but were looking for a different and affordable option. They had worked hard on their home to increase the value and build equity and wanted to keep the costs and commissions associated with the sale down.  Going with a traditional real estate agent simply wasn’t going to accomplish that goal. 

FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sellers, often times start their journey on Zillow.  It seemed like a great idea and how can you beat “free”?  They took a few pictures with their own camera and put the listing up in the hopes of selling their home and saving some money.  What happened next is unfortunately the outcome that most For Sale By Owners sellers who choose this route face.

Their phone was ringing off the hook, but all the calls seemed to be coming from realtors interested in listing their home rather than interested buyers.  The photos were dark and didn’t properly accentuate the house so their online presence was lacking.  Buyer’s without an agent looking on Zillow only make up a small percentage of the buying pool so they weren’t getting the kind of action they wanted.

After about 10 days of trying to navigate the phone calls, wishy washy buyers and juggling their schedule to accommodate showings, they were fed up and ready to throw in the towel.  They wanted a better option that would still align with their goals as a FSBO. So they looked to find an alternative listing option that was more in line with a flat fee MLS brokerage.

That’s where we stepped in at ListingSpark and took over.  Within 4 days of creating their listing on ListingSpark.com, all of the following happened:

  • They easily completed all listing documents and disclosures electronically on their password protected dashboard
  • Through a guided experience, they provided all of the information about their home needed to get the property listed.
  • Supercharged their exposure by getting their home listed on the MLS (the largest marketplace for selling homes)
  • Posted the listing on dozens of the top real estate sites like Zillow.com, Realtor.com, Trulia.com,  
  • ListingSpark sent out a professional real estate photographer at no additional charge
  • They received a high quality yard sign and digital Supra lockbox
  • MLS market data for comparable active, pending and sold data was used to accurately price their home.
  • They managed showings and offers through their easy to use dashboard.

After 3 short days on the market with ListingSpark, Brian and Ginger were reviewing multiple offers.  They settled on one above asking price and closed within 30 days.  

ListingSpark’s dynamic payment structure consisting of a low daily rate of $7 a day (which rivals any other flat fee MLS broker on the market) cost them less than $250 total and saved them over $10,000 compared to the traditional real estate agent route.  

Needless to say Brian and Ginger were beyond thrilled that they chose ListingSpark to sell their home and we are excited to have yet another satisfied customer.

We believe in the vision and align ourselves with the goals of every For Sale By Owner seller out there.  We give you the tools you that simply don’t have access to on your own.  More than anything we want seller’s like Brian and Ginger to know there are better options out there that increase their chances of success.

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