I just saved 8k in Realtor fees and sold my house in less than 4 weeks. ListingSpark really exceeded my expectations. I was weary at first but ListingSpark as well as Listingspark Title company is a legit organization. Honestly they should be called the Robin Hood of real estate transactions. For 7 dollars a day or roughly 200 a month Listing Spark will send a professional photographer to come take pictures of your property, send a professional looking for sale sign, and send an electronic key box just like the Realtors use. They also coordinated and tracked viewings of my home. I had over 50 showings in a month and didn’t have to lift a finger outside of putting the sign down and attaching the keybox to the doorknob (using a sturdy zip tie) which I recommend Spark add to their for sale kit. Not once did I have to meet a potential buyer and let them in my home..I literally only answered a few emails signed a few documents and bam that was it. This was by far a fun and exciting process that I’m been telling all my friends about.

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