The ListingSpark advantage explained.


The ListingSpark Secret to Success

The secret to ListingSpark’s success is the fact we’ve taken a page from successful high tech companies and developed cutting edge software that automates, streamlines, and simplifies the routine portions of creating, and supporting real estate listings. We then took it a step further, and optimized our workflow processes around this concept, providing you with world-class customer support.

SelTec is the name of this wonder software. It’s a software as a service platform that simplifies the process of listing and selling a home, and it’s the reason our typical customer saves >$10,000 in listing commissions when they use ListingSpark. It’s a complex piece of code, and has taken us over 10 years to develop. Much of that time was spent in taking a detailed and complex task, and bolting to it our ability to access a significant amount of public data, and then building an intuitive and easy to use User Interface. So while the behind the scenes part is complex, all the customer see’s are simple questions like “Are you married?”. Complex software, it’s putting money in the bank, in this case your bank.

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