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What is ListingSpark?

The Future of Real Estate

ListingSpark is the best way to sell a home or to buy a home. We are an innovative real estate brokerage that leverages technology to streamline and simplify residential real estate transactions. We pass the resulting savings to our clients.

Our Mission

Power to the People

Our clients spoke, and we listened. We engaged our clients in a discussion and came to some important conclusions. More information is readily available about residential real estate than ever before, and all of our clients were certain that with the proper tools they could efficiently price and manage their own home listing.

Our clients wanted the security of agent advice when they needed it, but a simple self-directed process when they didn't. They knew that a 3% commission paid to an agent to merely list properties in the MLS and wait for buyers to show interest, was too much. But, they also considered “For Sale By Owner” too intimidating, and they felt discount brokerages removed many valuable services while keeping commission rates too high. Simply put, our clients assumed there was no alternative.

Guided by this information, ListingSpark was developed for home sellers. We set out with a first-to-market, patent-pending system that charges a flat, daily fee to list, market, and sell a home. No 3% listing commission. Ever.

Why We’re Different

We Disrupted Real Estate

We unbundled the traditional listing agent services and, at no additional cost, offered clients features such as professional photography, yard signage, a digital lockbox, and local market data. Our clients manage every aspect of their listings using our intuitive client dashboard. They also handle contract negotiations through our contract negotiations platform. Again, at no additional cost.

ListingSpark clients pay only for the services they want—not an inflated commission for services that are never used or are ultimately never provided. We offer a compliment of a la carte services for those clients who want to custom design their own sales plan or seek advice from our licensed real estate agents. Even the most aggressive sales plan, with multiple upgrades, results in clients saving thousands of dollars. However, if you ever feel a traditional, full-service listing service better suits your needs, you can always convert to using such at a reduced 1% commission.