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Everything You Need to Know to Sell Your Own House

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Selling Your Own Home? Is this the year you’re hoping to sell your home? According to experts, that could be a wise decision. Forecasters aren’t too optimistic about the housing market in the coming years but believe 2019 still holds some hope. Rising interest rates are to blame and no one feels certain about where…

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Flat-Fee MLS 101

flat fee MLS ListingSpark

Breaking Down The Real Estate Lingo If you’re relatively new to the residential real estate world, you know how frustrating it can be to hear all of the cryptic real estate terms and have no idea what they all mean. Case in point: MLS. We hear about it. We may even know what it is…

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Considering a Flat-Fee Real Estate Agent? What You Need to Know

Flat-fee real estate with ListingSpark

What Is a Flat-Fee Real Estate Broker? We’re all used to a traditional real estate agent: they provide home sellers with comprehensive services to price, market and sell a home for around 3% commission. While 3% may not sound like much considering all they do, when you’re talking about a $350,000 home, for instance, that’s…

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Get Your Home Ready to Sell in 2019

Time to Sell with ListingSpark

2019 Is The Year to Sell It’s nearly 2019 and that means one thing: if you’re thinking of selling your home, the clock is ticking. According to Zillow, the best time to sell your home is in the spring – early May, to be exact. That’s when people come out of hibernation and are ready…

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Real Estate Lingo: Traditional, Discount, Flat Fee and Hybrid

ListingSpark solves home selling dilemma

The Home Seller’s Dilemma Home sellers have never had so many options when it comes to how to sell. In the past, traditional real estate brokers and firms were the go-to for nearly all home sellers. These full-service real estate firms do everything for the home seller, but it comes at a price. In the…

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Is The House-Flipping Boom Over for Investors?

FSBO for Investors

Looking for a Quick Profit? In the past decade or so, buying a “fixer-upper,” updating it a bit and then selling it for a nice profit attracted seasoned real estate investors and newbies alike. Everyone wanted a piece of the quick-profit pie. And why not? Television shows make it look easy and fast – something…

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Selling Your Own Home? Stage It Right to Sell


Thinking of selling your own home? Did you know that if you stage it right, it will likely sell for more money and much faster than if you left it as is? According to a comprehensive study conducted by Home Staging Resource, 85 percent of staged homes sell for 6-25 percent more than unstaged homes.…

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How to Get the Most Out of Flat Fee MLS

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The MLS Is Open to More than Just Agents and Brokers If you’ve ever considered selling your own home or if you’re an investor who wants to get the most bang for your buck, a flat fee MLS service may be the route to go. In the past, the multiple listing service was accessible only…

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What Investors Need to Know about Selling a House by Owner

Sell House by Owner

How to Sell a House by Owner – The Investor Perspective Many homeowners search for how to sell a house by owner, but what about investors? You would think investors have the FSBO thing down, but we find many still have questions. It’s okay. Flipping homes for profit isn’t always as easy as the TV…

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MLS Access for Investors: What You Need to Know

Why MLS Access Is Important for Investors If you’re a real estate investor, you know the key to turning a profit is to get your properties sold as quickly as possible for as much money as you can squeeze out of the deal. It’s basic math: the longer you hold onto your investment and the…

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