The 5 most important factors when selling your home


There are many reasons a home sits on the market racking up days without finding the right buyer. Some things you can control and some you can’t. This list focuses on 5 incredibly important factors a home seller can control that will help ensure a quick sale at highest price…

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Step-by-step sharing on Social Media to Increase Home Profit

home selling with social media

Without a doubt, the most efficient way to sell a home is listing on the MLS, since that’s where buyer’s agents search for prospective homes for their clients. HOWEVER, sharing your home listing on social media can provide an extra boost to help you sell quicker and for a greater…

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Pricing: It’s All About the Comps

The most common mistake we see with home sellers is not pricing their homes correctly. This mistake can cause one of two catastrophic outcomes: 1) Pricing your home too low and leaving money on the table OR  2) Pricing your home too high and watching it sit on the market…

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DIY Projects that Will Help You Sell For More

We get asked by clients all the time what kind of DIY projects will help sell their home.  Here are just a few projects that anyone with time, a little bit of extra funds and access to youtube can handle that will greatly increase your chances of selling with a…

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5 Tips for Passing a Home Inspection

house inspection

Congratulations, you just accepted a buyer’s offer to purchase your home. But you can’t breathe easy just yet, since it’s almost a certainty that the buyer will have a professional home inspector complete a thorough inspection of the home. Many a deal has died at the hands of the dreaded…

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5 Reasons Why Some Homes Don't Sell

There are many reasons why a home doesn’t sell or sits on the market longer than average, compared to other homes in the neighborhood. Some of these factors are preventable, so as a seller you definitely want to understand the landscape. Here are the most common reasons home sellers struggle…

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