February 2021 Texas Real Estate Market Update

Well folks, if you’re wondering if the market has cooled off at all now that we have rolled in to 2021, it hasn’t. In fact it’s been quite the opposite. We are still seeing historically crazy numbers across the board. Indicating that not only are we firmly planted in a…

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Home Seller Checklist

A lot goes in to selling a home.  Here is a comprehensive home seller checklist to keep you on track through each different phase of the home selling process. Pre-Listing Checklist Pricing Analysis: Pricing is paramount to a successful sale.  Really look in to the neighborhood market activity.  Use our…

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How to Sell A House By Owner: 2 Options

How to see your home for sale by owner.

How to Sell Your House by Owner and Save Thousands Selling a house without a realtor isn’t as hard as you may think and the reward can be worth the effort. According to the National Association of REALTORSⓇ, nearly 10 percent of home sales in 2016 were FSBO (for sale…

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Tips for a Successful Home Appraisal

home appraisal

Accepting a contract on your home sale is definitely an exciting event. But remember, if the buyer is financing the home purchase with a mortgage, you will have to “sell your home” twice to make it through the transaction… once to the buyer and then again to the appraiser. Every…

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How Important is the Seller's Disclosure Notice?

How important is the seller’s disclosure notice for a home seller?  Short answer, VERY! More issues arise for home sellers after closing from failing to disclose a latent defect than anything else.  Often times it could have been avoided with a simple check in a box and brief explanation.  The…

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Top 3 Reasons Your Home Is Not Selling

laundry room

1. Price – the reason we all want to ignore We’ve sold thousands of homes through our platform, so our analytics are top notch. When we hear from a client with concerns about being on the market too long, we can almost always point to price as the culprit. Aaron…

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The 7 Deadly FSBO Myths: Part 1

selling your home with a friend

In an industry that for the most part has remained unchanged for decades, we understand why For Sale by Owners and real estate investors want to sell without using or paying for a Realtor. We speak to hundreds of sellers every month that want to go forgo using a Realtor,…

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Common Mistakes Investors Make when Selling their Flips

The time has come to sell your flip.  Months of hard work and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line and now it’s time to cash out.  Too many investors make simple mistakes that can end up costing them big.  Here are a few of the most common. 1)…

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7 Social Media Tricks to Increase Flip Profit and Home Equity

real estate social media

As a real estate investor, you have plenty of things to keep track of without having to worry about creating an entire social media strategy. Of your total time spent working to sell your properties, you should spend more time on finding and improving the actual properties and less time…

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