How ListingSpark Works

ListingSpark makes it easy for a home buyer to find the perfect home and negotiate the best deal. Learn how it works and why ListingSpark agents are the best.


Talk to an Agent

We Can Find Your Perfect Home

Are you looking for a new home and want the best agents on your side? ListingSpark provides you with exceptional service from a team of experienced agents who love finding clients homes. We go above and beyond most real estate brokerage firms. We put you first. Every time. With ListingSpark, finding your perfect home is easy.

Once you contact us, we’ll get to work for you and:

Pair You with An Expert Agent

When you first contact ListingSpark, we’ll ask you a few questions before selecting a ListingSpark agent that will fit your needs to a tee. Whether they have intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods in which you’re interested or know how to work with a limited budget, we’ll make sure your agent represents you well.

Expert Agent

Set You up on a Custom Portal

We build every client their own online portal that will send you new and updated listings the moment they hit the market. You can use the portal as your personal board, saving your favorite homes, making notes, and scheduling showings with your agent. Everything is on one page so you never lose track of your homes.


Scour the Town for Properties

Your ListingSpark agent will comb your areas of interest that other buyers and agents may never see. We have a cache of “coming soon” listings from our very own ListingSpark inventory that only our agents have access to, as well as off-market listings, and expired or withdrawn listings that may still have motivated sellers.


Use Data to Make an Offer

When you’ve found your home and are ready to make an offer, your ListingSpark agent will pull various pieces of data to ensure you make the best offer possible. They will review the property’s sales history, tax information, sales comparisons and market analysis. You will have all of the data you need to make an informed, thoughtful decision.


Walk You through the Contracts

Contracts can be intimidating. Your ListingSpark agent will inspect every word of your contracts to make sure it is accurate and that you understand everything to which you are agreeing. No T will be left uncrossed. Should any issue arise, your agent will work with the appropriate parties to make corrections or amendments until you are satisfied.


Coordinate Third Parties

Once you are under contract, your ListingSpark agent will work with you to schedule and coordinate inspections. When the inspection report is received, they will request and negotiate repairs on your behalf. They will also speak with your lender for financing and coordinate with the title company for a smooth transaction from start to finish.


You Need a ListingSpark Agent

For all of these personalized services, you pay a grand total of NOTHING. The seller has already worked in your agent’s commission into the pricing of their home, meaning the seller pays us a commission to bring them a viable buyer - you.

Thinking of going at this home buying thing alone? Word of caution: don’t. You need agent representation - an agent who is looking out for your best interest and knows when to push back and when to walk away. We make sure nothing is missed and you get the best deal possible. While the agent gets paid by the seller, our agents work for you, and only you.

Your ListingSpark agent is also keen on negotiating deals on your behalf that turn your property into a major asset for you down the road. Our agents are highly trained to find great deals that lead to big profits for investors and homeowners alike.

When buying a home, you need the best. You need ListingSpark.