List in MLS for Less

Full MLS Listing. No Commissions. No Hidden Fees.

Selling your property and want to list it in MLS? Why pay high real estate agent and broker commissions when you can do it for less with ListingSpark?

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How it works

ListingSpark is the fastest way to sell your house

Sell from Anywhere

We Help You Get More Out of Your Investment

Your property is your investment. With ListingSpark on your side, you can keep more of your money in your pocket by listing, selling, and closing your own property.

Forget about the commissions, long sales cycle and lack of control.

With ListingSpark, you get access to the MLS plus support and intuitive technology that’s as advanced (or more!) as what real estate agents use, so you can sell your property confidently without giving up so much money.

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Modern marketing for your home

Get on the MLS and Real Estate Sites

The MLS is the place to get your property noticed by agents, brokers and buyers. In the past, property owners were forced to pay commissions to a real estate agent or broker to have their property featured on MLS.

Not anymore.

Because ListingSpark is a full-service real estate brokerage firm, we can get you on the MLS for a small fraction of the commission real estate agents require. We’ll also get you on other real estate marketplace sites for even more views:

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ListingSpark gives you the same access to the same sites as the full-priced real estate agents use but for a whole lot less.

Selling takes less time

Negotiate and sign in a few clicks

  • Receive all offers in your ListingSpark dashboard.
  • Automated contract software does all the paperwork for you - all you need to do is sign.
  • Get help from our home selling experts when you need it.
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Close quickly and conveniently

Click. Close. Save.

  • Simple and fast escrow with our built in title process.
  • Easy remote close at the time and place most convenient to you.
  • With no commissions, ListingSpark gets you the most money for your home.


Don’t just take our word for it


What a few [State] clients have to say about ListingSpark:


Selling through ListingSpark puts the
most money in your pocket

Industry leading pricing means you’ll spend less and get more for your home

Are you ready to sell your home the modern way?

Create your home listing in less than 20 minutes and start receiving offers.

Are you ready to sell your home the modern way?

No matter how much or how little support you need to sell your property, ListingSpark offers the right-size support for every budget.