How it works | ListingSpark

What You Pay

With ListingSpark you pay $7 a day for the time you use our services. Usually, that coincides with the closing of your sale, but you are able to cancel your service before then if you aren't satisfied.

In order to utilize the MLS we are required to ask you to pay a buyer's agent commission. The choice is up to you. You're only required to pay that commission if your buyer has representation.

Professional-Grade Listing

ListingSpark makes it quick and easy to accurately fill out all of your property's information. Once you are ready to activate your subscription, we’ll send you a ListingSpark-branded yard sign and digital lockbox to allow licensed real estate agents to show your home.

You’ll also have access to a complimentary session with a professional photographer, or you can upload your own photos.

Listing Management

Through your ListingSpark Client Dashboard, you have the ability to manage all aspects of your listing. Interested parties and their agents are able to request documentation and ask any questions they may have. You'll be alerted to these inquiries and be able to respond immediately via your ListingSpark Client Dashboard.

Contracts & Negotiations

ListingSpark clients are immediately informed when a potential offer is submitted. You are provided access to all of the necessary contracts and documents you need to make sure your sale is ironclad.

ListingSpark will facilitate the entire process and even make sure that the appropriate third parties, like title companies, are kept in the loop.