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$200,000 $2.0M

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  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Access to the tools agent use
  • Personal dashboard
  • More money in your pocket


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  • Base play plus extra support
  • Virtual tour
  • Ongoing listing promotion
  • More money in your pocket


Per-day pricing features



 $199 - Optional Service
$35 - Optional Service
$975 - Optional Service

Pricing FAQs

Do I really pay per day or are there hidden fees or commissions?

It's just $7 per day. The only additional fee you may choose to pay is to involve a closing expert if you determine you need a specialist to guide and partner with you through the transaction process.

Do I have to make a payment of $7 every day?

ListingSpark bills clients on a 28-day cycle and will not charge your credit card daily. When your home sells, we will credit your card on file for the unused days in your billing cycle.

Do I have to pay the buyer’s agent a 3% commission?

The buyer’s agent’s commission is not a set rate and is your choice. Keep in mind offering less than a 3% commission to buyers’ agents may result in fewer viewings, but it may be negotiable.

Can I pay buyers’ agents more than 3% to incentivize a sale further?

Yes, many ListingSpark clients choose to use some of their savings to offer buyers’ agents a premium commission or agent bonus to further incentivize the sale of their home.

How is my ListingSpark price determined?

If your home is priced correctly, it will sell. ListingSpark will provide our clients with market data such as price per square foot and sold prices of recently sold homes in your area. Our cutting edge software, access to multiple MLS' and knowledgeable agents will offer guidance and recommendations for pricing your home based on your specific goals.

Do I have to pay extra for professional photography?

No, ListingSpark will send a professional photographer to your home to take photographs of your property, inside and out. These photos will be used with your MLS listing. If you want full rights to those photos, you will pay the an extra fee.

Can I request an Agent on Demand anytime I may need them, even if it’s after an offer has been received?

Yes, our Agent on Demand upgrade is available anytime during your subscription for an add-on fee of $975. You will pay that fee at closing.

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