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Sell your house with no listing
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ListingSpark is redefining the home buying and selling process by combining
real estate and technology with common sense.

Our average customer saves $8,500!

Saved $7,020

Saved $7,020!

Barbara Austin, TX "Thanks to the team at ListingSpark, I was able to go through the entire process of listing, contract negotiations to final sale saving thousands of dollars on commissions!"
Saved $4,497

Saved $4,497!

Christopher Davidson Austin, TX "Amazing experience from start to finish. Extremely helpful, insightful and quick response time whenever I had any questions or concerns. Sold our home for asking price within 2 weeks. Saved $4,500 in commission fees. I'm a realtor myself but I will continue to use Listing Spark to represent and market my homes on MLS to avoid brokerage fees. Very happy with the results!"
Saved $9,000

Saved $9,000!

Danny and Lisa Wellman Austin, TX "We knew our home would sell quickly due to its remodel and location. A traditional realtor would have cost us $18,000. We were anxious to save money and be able to use the funds from our home sale for our own purposes. We don't begrudge realtors making a decent living but we do begrudge giving one a whopping 6% of our house sale. We are the ones who did the remodel and mowed the lawn and painted the walls and took good care of appliances. That money belongs to us. We decided to try ListingSpark upon the recommendation of a friend and we are so glad we did. We could not be more pleased with not only the financial part of the transaction but also the customer service. Absolutely everyone we came in contact with at ListingSpark was professional and kind and helpful. They were an answer to prayer."
Saved $9,375

Saved $9,375!

Lorin Merkley Pearland, TX "This has been the best home selling experience we have had so far, PLUS we saved thousands of dollars!"
Saved $8,850

Saved $8,850!

Michael Moser Dallas, TX "The Listing Spark team provides invaluable assistance every step of the way with excellent customer service and great communication. I saved nearly $9000 and couldn't be happier!"
Saved $12,897

Saved $12,897!

Tammy Wimbish Midlothian, TX "Can not say enough good things about my experience with listing spark. They were responsive to every question in a timely manner, through email, phone conversations and texts. My agent Val, was superb!! Felt as if she was right there with me through every step! I'm not sure why anyone would want to use any company but listing spark!! I've already referred several friends!"
Saved $5,569

Saved $5,569!

Tri-Peak Assets, LLC Pflugerville, TX "The ListingSpark team was great to work with. They answered all my questions and responded quickly to my inquiries and concerns. Definitely an A++ experience!"
Saved $10,000

Saved $10,000!

Rob & Sarah O. Cedar Park, TX “ListingSpark saved us thousands of dollars in realtor's fees, and the process was easier than expected. Our home was featured on all the big real estate websites, so we didn't miss a showing. Our home sold quickly, and the ListingSpark team was there for us every step of the way.”
Saved $10,000

Saved $8,500!

Bill B. Central Texas “As an investor, ensuring the numbers work on every project is very important. With ListingSpark I receive all of the resources I need to sell a home quickly and maximize my profits. Saving on the 3% listing commission not only increases my bottom line, but allows me to price my homes aggressively in the market. Having completed several transactions with ListingSpark, including one that closed within a week of listing the home, there is no doubt I will continue to utilize their services and refer other investors to the ListingSpark team in the future.”
Saved $10,000

Saved $3,500!

Cavan Austin, TX “ListingSpark has been a huge part of our real estate business. We buy and sell multiple properties a year, and ListingSpark provides a low cost alternative to selling our properties while still delivering the service required to close the deal. I use them for all my listings.”