Financing for your next real estate investment deal

ListingSpark works to help our investor clients get their next deal funded. There are plenty of creative ways to do this, from all cash to zero down. Here we will explore what we’ve seen work best for our clients, and point you to some of our favorite ways to find…

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Dallas TX For Sale By Owner Success Story

Brian and Ginger recently sold their home in Lewisville TX (just outside Dallas) through ListingSpark and were extremely successful.  Here is a glimpse through their journey that started as a For Sale By Owner.   Like many other For Sale By Owner sellers around Texas, Brian and Ginger needed to sell…

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Are Flat Fee MLS Services A Gimmick or A Gold Mine?

Save Money with ListingSpark

What’s The Deal with Flat Fee MLS Services? Curious about how to list on mls with flat rate MLS services? We hear about them all of the time these days, making many wonder if they are worth the hype or just another marketing scheme. Fear not. We’ll break it down…

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Q2 2023 Texas Real Estate Market update – Real Estate Real Fast EP21

Texas Real Estate Market Update Q2 2023

IIn this episode of Real Estate Real Fast, Aaron Jistel, the co-founder of ListingSpark and an experienced real estate broker, provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the Texas real estate market. 

Focusing on major Texas metro areas like Austin, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio, Aaron discusses important trends and developments that homeowners, investors, and anyone interested in real estate should be aware of.

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5 Things Not to Fix When Selling a House in 2023

what not to fix when selling a house

There are a variety of articles that discuss improvements to make to a home prior to selling. However, not many people talk about what not to fix when selling a house. Whenever you are prepping your home to go on the market, the key is to treat it like an…

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